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The Streamer's Guide to the Galaxy!

Dec 22, 2017

The end is in sight as we wrap up our last episode of the semi-finals for our Ho, Ho, Holiday Showdown! 

We discuss A Very Murray Christmas and A Christmas Prince! Lauren also accuses Devon of gaming the system and more or less walks him through this one. To her credit though, Devon does make some strange decisions...

Dec 9, 2017

Welcome back, fellow Streamers! 

For our second Ho, Ho, Holiday Showdown we discuss A Very Murray Christmas and Bad Santa! Spoiler alert, they're both bad. Really, really bad. 

We also discuss Streamer's Guide: Dark, married life, parallel Miracle on 34th St. storylines, Bill Murray Curse, and ACTUAL skeleton...

Nov 1, 2017

We know, this isn't an episode of The Streamer's Guide. Lauren and Devon are starting another side project for the Winter holidays and we'd love to have you come along!

Welcome to Devon & Lauren's Christmas Card! We will be reviewing ALL of the new Hallmark Christmas movies as they premier for all of you fine folks out...