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The Streamer's Guide to the Galaxy!

Jul 25, 2020

Welcome back, Fellow Streamers!

We've made it to the finals of the Pixar Playlist! 

Lauren immediately injures herself, we try something new that may or may not have worked (but definitely didn't), Lauren lands the segue, we devise a fool proof tie-breaking mechanism, we crown a champion that was obvious from the...

Jul 19, 2020

Welcome back, Fellow Streamers!

We've made it to the semi-finals with the Pixar Playlist and we get all sorts of conflicted this week! 

We debate our favorites, make compromises, Ptolemy makes a special guest appearance, and we ultimately crown the top three Pixar movies to move onto the finals! 

As always, you can find...

Jul 12, 2020

Welcome back, Fellow Streamers!

Getting right back on track after taking a break with Eurovision and Hamilton, we get one step closer to finishing this Pixar bracket by watching Monster's U and Inside Out! 

We talk nostalgia, merits and pitfalls of prequel movies, and we reach a surprising conclusion about which movie...

Jul 4, 2020

Welcome back, Fellow Streamers!

Don't worry, Fellow Streamers, we'll get back to the Pixar Playlist, but we watched something amazing and we just needed to say something about it. This week, we watched Eurovision Song Contest and Hamilton! 

Lauren gushes over Eurovision and (weirdly) throws shade at our own podcast at...