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The Streamer's Guide to the Galaxy!

Feb 29, 2020

Welcome back, Fellow Streamers!

We're fast approaching the end of LoveFest 2020 with the conclusion of the Twilight Saga! 

We discuss the ups and downs of these films, Lauren admits she likes these movies, and Devon has an epiphany on his overall enjoyment of the series, and we invent a new sub-genre of episodes for the...

Feb 21, 2020

Welcome back, Fellow Streamers!

This week we discuss the Twilight Saga: Eclipse! Also discussed is Love is Blind, how awful the film industry is, Devon FINALLY does a coherent synopsis, we discuss some of the more intense Cullen backgrounds, and Devon remains positive despite having to watch these movies! 


Feb 14, 2020

Welcome back, Fellow Streamers!

This week Lauren and Devon watch and discuss the second part of the Twilight movies with New Moon! 

We also discuss the definition of sagas, werewolves, and really bad acting. We also develop the world's best Volvo commercial. Yay, Twilight! 

As always, you can find us on iTunes, Spotify,...

Feb 8, 2020

Welcome back, Fellow Streamers!

During the month of February, Lauren has convinced Devon to try something he has never done before: watch all the Twilight movies in quick succession and then discuss them on the podcast in lieu of our normal Lovefest celebration. He agreed. 

Welcome to LoveFest 2020: The One Where Lauren...