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The Streamer's Guide to the Galaxy!

Jan 30, 2019

Welcome back to The Streamer's Guide!

This week we're talking about the epic fail that was the Fyre Festival! Both Hulu and Netflix have documentaries on the subject this month and we're just crazy enough to watch both of them in less than 24 hours!

We also discuss our dead legs, we realize we always hear about things...

Jan 25, 2019

Welcome back, Fellow Streamers! We're back from our trip to PodCon2 so get ready for our retrospective!

Also, Devon makes noises, we talk potential segments, we get super philosophical, we talk about what we watch during travel, and Devon discusses streaming video news!

Information about PodCon can be found here: 

Jan 17, 2019

Welcome back to The Streamer's Guide! 

This week we discuss Lauren's funny tummy noises, Devon gets some public shaming, we discuss fun facts about Devon, we try to explain the concept behind the SCP Foundation, our favorite podcasts-turned-television, and PODCON!!!!!

Here is a link to the MBMBaM tv show we talk about! 

Jan 10, 2019

Welcome back to The Streamer's Guide! We're tackling one of Devon's favorite subjects today: superheroes in film! 

Devon gets replaced by a way less interesting doppelganger, there's some bad bits, Lauren gives Devon lots of grief about all the segments he tries, Super Dave is born, Lauren gets really stuck on the name...

Jan 2, 2019

Happy New Year fellow Streamers! We're back to discuss our favorite shows from 2018 in our annual retrospective! 

Devon also tries some dark improv, we talk about what we're excited for in 2019, bad Disney reboots, honorable mentions that didn't quite make our list for 2018, PodCon, and our upcoming plans for the...