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The Streamer's Guide to the Galaxy!

Nov 26, 2017

Ready to watch some toys kick some ass?!? You're in luck then because we're watching 1998's classic Small Soldiers! 

We discuss chair quality, Gremlins, Team America assumptions, surprisingly accurate visions of 3D printing, alternative storylines for Justice League, Moustache-Gate, ridiculous childhood toy prices,...

Nov 20, 2017

Welcome back all you steadfast streamers! Today we tackle the Australian workplace comedy Utopia (known as Dreamland everywhere else except Australia for some reason)! 

We discuss the similarities to The Office and Parks and Rec, we're interrupted by our occasional guest Marc Anthony (the cat, not the singer), Devon...

Nov 12, 2017

Welcome back! This week we discuss the NBC classic Parks and Recreation! 

Its a pretty low-key day in the studio so we diverge a bit from our usual style and simply discuss our top 5 favorite moments from this amazing show! 

There is A LOT of Ron Swanson in this episode. 

Also, check out our new holiday show! We're...

Nov 1, 2017

We know, this isn't an episode of The Streamer's Guide. Lauren and Devon are starting another side project for the Winter holidays and we'd love to have you come along!

Welcome to Devon & Lauren's Christmas Card! We will be reviewing ALL of the new Hallmark Christmas movies as they premier for all of you fine folks out...